White Howlite (Rough)

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Rough White Howlite  

this is a beautiful gentle crystal that absorbs negative energies and helps calm your aura and mind.

It also helps to control your reactions to situations.

Howlite helps to adapt to the changes that are happening around us. It also boosts our patience which is needed in times of change!
keeping a piece close by is very helpful to calm you, especially if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Sometimes our stress can be caused by other people’s emotions and Howlite helps absorb these negative energies, and fill you with a more soothing, gentle energy.

Howlite  has a such a  gentle healing energy,  it activates  your crown chakra which aligns all your chakras, to help you feel more balanced .

It also encourages you to have and have a positive outlook on life.
The silver/black lines that run through Howlite bring a grounding energy. Helping you to feel more settled. It is important to try to ground yourself as regularly as possible.
If you are learning a new skill or struggle to focus or retain knowledge, keep Howlite close by when you are working, it helps to enhance your memory.
If you're suffering from anxiety or depression, having this Stone next to you can help you feel calm and centred.
Because Howlite is an excellent stone of peace and tranquillity it’s very good to have close by at bedtime, especially if you have been struggling to sleep. It helps to clear brain fog  and slows an over active mind - enabling you to have a good night’s sleep and linking you to your higher self.
Because it’s a rough crystal it’s vibration is very powerful. Keeping it by your bed or next to you whilst meditating will help you connect with the angelic realm and unicorns:) as each piece is unique you may not get the exact crystal shown in the photo, but you will get one the same size and quality- and exactly the right crystal for you:)