Dowser/pendulum unakite

Dowser/pendulum unakite

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Unakite crystal dowser

The pendulums measure between 30mm and 45mm in length and also feature a 6 inch (150mm) silver coloured chain with a matching bead secured to the end.
Please Be Aware Due to the unique nature of the crystal, item received may vary slightly from the photograph.
Dowsing is a skill that anyone can learn.
Before you can practice it, you do need to discover which way the pendulum will swing for yes and no. 
Sometimes the pendulum will not move, which indicates it doesn't want to work that day!!

Your yes/no responses may be different from another person's- but it's what works for you that matters!

The main thing to remember is drape your pendulum over your first finger- rather than holding it tightly between your fingers.
Ask your pendulum to show you the movement for yes and then repeat for no.
It can help if you hold the pendulum in one hand and dowse approximately 3" over the other hand (with the palm facing towards you)
It can help to start by asking questions that you know the answers to. For example, is my name ____ (choose a name other than your own)? You should get a NO response. Repeat the question using your own name. You should get a YES response. Then you can move on to asking questions where the answer can be verified, such as "have I got a letter through the post today- or texts on phone etc" These simple exercises, done consistently, will enhance and confirm your ability to dowse.
If you find yourself influencing the answer, you can either purchase a dowsing board, or write yes and no on separate pieces of paper and put them in blank envelopes- then mix the envelopes up and dowse over the envelopes to get the answer.


Unakite, sometimes known as unakite jasper, includes pieces of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and quartz.  it is a very grounding crystal. Using this dowser whilst healing will help you  connect  to earth's vibration and helps you balance your emotional/ physical/ mental and spiritual energy bodies. 
Unakite can give you willpower and inner strength and speeds up weight loss.
It gently helps you release old patterns that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.
Unakite speeds up the recovery process after surgery or illness.

Helps you let go of the past and move in to the present moment.

 Comes with a velvet bag