Tigers Eye Thumb Stone

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Beautiful tiger's eye palm Stone. These palm stones can be carried with you, so you can hold them or use them to massage the centre of your palms when feeling stressed. Because of their shape, you can also place them on your chakras to aid healing, or bring you more energy. The lovely bands of yellow-golden color running through it make tigers eye an ideal crystal to calm and empower your solar plexus chakra.
 This is a powerful crystal that helps you to release fear or anxiety and aids balance to your chakras.
It motivates you to put ideas in to action, and helps you to make decisions with logic and discernment.
Traditionally it was carried as a protective stone to protect the user from curses or ill-wishes sent to them.
Meditating or sleeping with tigers eye, can give you courage, self confidence and strength of will - ideal if you are going through challenging circumstances. These palm stones are just under 2” by 1 & 1/2”