Labradorite - Semi Polished

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This beautiful labradorite is polished on the front and rough at the back- which makes the vibration stronger.

it has a natural “triangle” shape, which makes its energy stronger. 
Labradorite can help you to open your higher heart chakra, which can connect you to your higher self and enhance your intuition.
It helps you absorb the golden ray and creates harmony and balance on a cellular level, as well as the mental and emotional levels of your aura.
It is a very beneficial crystal to aid transformation in any area of our life.
I It helps to keep your energy field clear, especially if you are an empath and absorb other peoples energy.
As an added bonus, it can also maintain our energy levels, preventing people who overwork or who are doing too much from becoming emotionally or physically exhausted and drained.
Labradorite helps to balance and stabilise the aura.
if your feeling low, overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed carrying labradorite will help you adapt to changing circumstances.

If you’re unsure on the direction you want your life to go in, or are getting weighed down with a busy lifestyle, meditating with Labradorite helps you look within yourself and helps to give clarity and guidance on what you really want to do. To do this hold a piece of Labradorite over your heart, take a few deeps breaths and exhale, once you feel centred and focused see where your mind takes you, allow the ideas to start to flow, expanding your creativity an see any new ideas more clearly.
Sleeping with Labradorite will help you to feel refreshed and motivated.
Place a piece close by you bed or under your pillow to help your mind be sharper the next day. The triangle formation of this piece will also help you connect with your higher self and find your soul purpose. It will also help you to connect with your guides. It is approximately 3” x 3”