Labradorite - Semi Polished

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you’re unsure on the direction you want your life to go in,  or are getting weighed down with a busy lifestyle, meditating with Labradorite helps you look within yourself and helps to give clarity and guidance on what you really want to do. To do this hold a piece of Labradorite over your heart, take a few deeps breaths and exhale,  once you feel centred and focused  see where your mind takes you, allow the ideas to start to flow, expanding your creativity an see any new ideas more clearly.
Sleeping with Labradorite will help you to feel refreshed and motivated.
Place a piece close by you bed or under your pillow to help your mind be sharper the next day. The energy of this piece will also help you connect with earth’s crystalline grid and help you to attract your soul group and find your soul purpose. It will also help you to connect with your guides. It is approximately 6cm long and 4cm wide