Salt Rock T-light Holder

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Salt Rock crystals are excellent to use in the home or workspace.  
They help to balance and absorb “electronic smog” in the air and to absorb negativity from television, computers, microwaves, mobile phones etc.  They are energy cleansing to a room and help to clear the air and clear your mind. 
They work by changing ions in the air which can become very 'polluted ' by computers, TVs and many other electrical items that create an 'electrical smog ', recreating the effect of being at a place that is calm and has 'clear air ' (ions are a group of atoms that carry a positive or negative charge, salt crystal release negative ions).
To help clear and protect you from negative electrical energy, which can also affect your emotions, especially if the content on the TV or computer is making you feel anxious.  When this candle holder is placed in a room it will help 'clear the air' and has a very positive effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing.   
Since salt crystals release negative ions into the air, they may help reduce anxiety and also encourage a relaxing atmosphere for sleep. Many people like to keep salt lamps in their bedrooms or living space for their calming effect, and it has been known to help many conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions.  
 Salt Rock promotes healthier sleep patterns and improves concentration and helps to detox the body and dispel negativity from your aura or environment.   Salt Rock also has the added bonus of bringing energy protection and in the past was seen as a symbol of good luck, wealth and health. 

T light not included.