Rough Chevron Amethyst Point Wand

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Chevron amethyst wand.  ( also known as Dog Tooth or Banded Amethyst). 

Chevron amethyst has the usual properties of Amethyst, plus a few special additions. It’s good for releasing fears and finding inner strength and is a powerful stone that is beneficial to anyone who is in need of an extra boost of positivity. It helps to repel negativity and has a vibration that gently helps to release fear, anxiety, stress and worry.

Chevron Amethyst helps to bring clarity to situations - especially studying that can seem overwhelming and chaotic.  If you are surrounded by hectic noise, chaos and want some peace, hold a piece of Chevron Amethyst and take a few deep breaths (bring the breaths down in to the belly) to help create balance and calm to your energy.
It is especially useful if you are facing big life changes or decisions, it enhances your intuition and helps you trust and believe in your decision  and speak your truth.

This is a stone of inspiration, which gently guides you to achieve your highest potential. Working with a piece while meditating or by keeping to it close to you or by your bed, it a great booster for spiritual growth & ascension. Like Amethyst, it has a good healing energy that helps you to sleep better and brings peace and harmony as well as energy protection. These wands are very powerful and will help you to clear energy blocks. You will intuitively be picked the right piece for you.