Rough Azurite high quality crystal

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Azurite is a high vibrational crystal with a strong copper content- so it helps you to link to the energies of the stars whilst remaining grounded and connected to earths crystalline grid.
this piece is a very high vibrational piece.
Azurite will enhance your psychic abilities and give insight in all areas of your life. It will stimulate your creative ideas and aids concentration.
It is also very good for cellular clearing - and can clear past life trauma. It  can also boost your physical energy levels.
Placing Azurite by your bed will calm your mind and can help release underlying anxieties.
It can heal and strengthen your throat chakra and promote you to speak your truth and have flexibility in your thoughts……its a very good crystal to use to retain information if you are studying. 
It also enhances your psychic abilities.
It’s a very good stone to use for healing both physical and emotional trauma.
You can simply put a piece of Azurite on the affected area of the body and it will draw the trauma out.
Azurite is a very powerful crystal and is also associated with abundance- as it helps you to connect with earths grid and encourages abundance to flow into your life. This piece is on its rock bed, which makes it more powerful. It’s just over 1 and 1/2 inches long and high.