Red Jasper Crystal (Rough) grounding/ motivation/ strength

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Red Jasper is a wonderful crystal for energising and balancing your base chakra.
It can give you extra energy whilst helping you stay grounded .
If you place it by your feet when you are meditating or sleeping it can help clear blocks from your base and sacral chakra.

It's a protective stone and can help you build boundaries in your aura, so you do not become drained.
It's especially good to place near you when you are meditating or sleeping if you work in a caring profession or with the public.
It can neutralise radiation and other forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution.  It provides insights and solutions into difficult situations and helps you release trapped anger, hurt or frustration .  It can help you feel motivated to put ideas into action!
Red Jasper strengthens and detoxifies the blood cells and liver.