Pyrite cluster

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Beautiful sparkling pyrite crystal cluster.

Pyrite is a very good crystal to have near you during this powerful planetary shift we are experiencing, as it's energy is very grounding.
It sends a wonderful, vibrant energy into any room, that can make you feel uplifted & energised - but enables you to stay focused & grounded at the same time!
It links you to the golden ray and helps you to connect to your earth star chakra, which keeps your aura in alignment with earth's vibration.
This increases your will power and can make you feel more inspired!
If your energy levels are feeling low, placing Pyrite under your office chair or at the foot of your bed can provide a protective energy shield.
Pyrite can help you release old thought patterns, and promotes a more positive outlook and way of thinking.
Using pyrite in grids or when doing manifestation can attract good luck and abundance to you - the cubes on this piece make it especially powerful.

approx: 2” x 3” 

please wash your hands after handling pyrite