Colour Banded Agate Slice

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Pink banded agate slice 

this  banded pink agate slice will help you to connect to your divine feminine intuition and healing abilities. It is a very positive crystal to place in a healing  or therapy room.
The different shades of pink  are excellent for blending the energy of your lower and higher heart  chakra.  This will help you gain more self love and will also help you attain balance in a relationship. if you are single, placing this crystal near you when you are sleeping will help  you move on from painful memories and draw the right partner to you. Because this piece is quite round, it will help you to strengthen the layers of your aura. It can also aid fertility, both physically and mentally:) this is an excellent piece to have with you if you are wanting  to start a business from a hobby or do something you love to do. 

Agate helps to balance the yin/yang energy and gently heals the layers of your aura.  coloured agate can also help ignite a sense of adventure and helps you to move out of your comfort zone and face the future with an open mind. 
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