Petrified Wood (Rough)

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Rough Petrified Wood Crystal.

Helps you connect to ancient wisdom to clear ancestral blocks and negative patterns.

 Petrified Wood is very earthy, grounding and a rooting stone which is packed with power and knowledge.  Think of a tree, it’s spreads its roots into the ground to stabilise itself and also reaches its branches out towards the universe.  It has so much ancient knowledge and wisdom locked inside that can help you.
If you meditate with it, Petrified Wood can reveal to you more about yourself, the different layers of what you are made of and reminds you of your gifts, skills and talents.  As Petrified Wood is full of ancient wisdom and knowledge, it is excellent to have a piece if you are working through ancestral timelines and releasing any past hurts, fears etc from either this lifetime or past lives.  It helps to gently release them so you can move forwards.
It is an incredibly grounding stone, keep a piece near you if you’re feeling a bit scattered and all over the place to help you get grounded.  . Even if you’re feeling fear, panic, or anxiety, a piece of Petrified Wood will help you to be balanced and stable because of its energies of calm and the Earth energies present in this stone will relax your nerves and ease your fears. When you are grounded it is easier to manifest what you desire :-)
Petrified wood will fill you with feelings of security, stability, and well-being.  It will help you to stop worrying about the things that you cannot control.  When you are sitting down, just holding a piece and visualizing roots coming out of your feet and connecting you to the Earth will help with grounding. 
Keep Petrified Wood in your home to help create a peaceful environment.  There are so many benefits to getting out in nature and if you are unable to go outside, hold a piece of Petrified wood.  It has a deep connection to the Earth and the environment and helps you feel more connected to nature.

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