Mookaite Jasper (Rough)

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Rough Mookaite Jasper Crystal.

Mookaite is a form of Jasper from Australia. 
it is a very uplifting store. 
It is a very grounding crystal and can help you to connect with earth’s energy  and  energise your chakras, to help keep your vibration in alignment, which helps you go with the “flow”. 
This can help you attract your soul group or “tribe” and connect with like minded people. 
it is known as a stone of strength - as it gives you the willpower and versatility  to adapt to changing circumstances-  and also helps your immune system to keep strong and boosts vitality. It can help you feel rested if you suffer with insomnia or busy dreams. Because it is a rough crystal, it’s energy is more powerful. as each piece is unique, you will receive one the pieces in the photo, but cannot specify which crystal. It  be exactly the right piece for your energy.  
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