Rose Quartz Mini Crystal Heart

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Mini rose quartz crystal heart that comes in a little velvet gift bag. Approximately 1” -ideal for grid work, or carrying with you. 

Rose Quartz:Helps to raise your vibration and  encourages love and friendships to blossom.
Rose Quartz has a beautiful gentle energy, it helps to balance your emotions, so is an excellent crystal to have near you when you are sleeping, as it can gently remove subconscious blocks created by past hurts.
It helps to soothe and bring the whole energy system back into balance.
It is a very uplifting and stimulates the heart chakra, dissolving feelings of self-doubt and self-criticism and encourages feelings of unconditional love and forgiveness.
Rose Quartz is especially good for women at any time in their lives when hormones may be unbalanced. It has a very soothing energy.