Lapis lazuli Palm Stone

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Palm stones can be used to help you keep calm and balanced. You can hold them in your hand, or carry them with you. It can be helpful to rub the tip of your thumb over them- as it relates to your crown chakra and can help you keep calm. You can also place them on your chakras to help balance them. With lapis lazuli if you massage it with the tip of your index finger it can help you clear and open your third eye chakra. 

Lapis lazis a very good protection stone and because it has pyrite in it, it can also help you manifest your dreams in to reality. It enables you to have sharper focus and retain information- so it’s very helpful to place a piece nearby if you are studying. It Activates the 3rd eye chakra, which helps you see the “truth “ of situations and relationships around you. It also can help you release painful memories from the subconscious mind, which could have been causing you fear or anxiety. It can also help you link with your guides and is an excellent crystal to meditate with to access your akashic records. You can carry this palm stone with you or place it near you to help gently cleanse your cells and clear pain memories. Approximately 5x4 cm x 1cm depth

Comes in organza bag. 

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