Lapis Lazuli (Rough)

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Rough Lapis Lazuli Crystal.

Lapis is a very good protection stone and because it has pyrite in it, it can also help you manifest your dreams in to reality. It enables you to have sharper focus and retain information- so it’s very helpful to place a piece nearby if you are studying. It Activates the 3rd eye chakra, which helps you see the “truth “ of situations and relationships around you. It also can help you release painful memories from the subconscious mind, which could have been causing you fear or anxiety. I’m it can also help you link with your guides and is an excellent crystal to meditate with to access your akashic records. Because this is a rough crystal the energy is very powerful. Each piece has its unique energy. You will receive one of the crystals shown in the photo, but cannot specify which one. You will receive the crystal that is just right for you 

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