Labradorite Palm Stone

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These beautiful large labradorite palm stones are polished- and are excellent to massage with your thumb, or use to place on your chakras to bring inner peace and help you to absorb the higher energy frequencies.
Labradorite can help you to open your higher heart chakra, which can connect you to your higher self and enhance your intuition.
It helps you absorb the golden ray and creates harmony and balance on a cellular level, as well as the mental and emotional levels of your aura.
It is a very beneficial crystal to aid transformation in any area of our life.
I It helps to keep your energy field clear, especially if you are an empath and absorb other peoples energy.
As an added bonus, it can also maintain our energy levels, preventing people who overwork or who are doing too much from becoming emotionally or physically exhausted and drained.
Labradorite helps to balance and stabilise the aura.
if your feeling low, overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed carrying labradorite will help you adapt to changing circumstances.

each piece is unique so may vary slightly from the photo