Fluorite Crystal (Rough) psychic development/ balance heart chakra

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Rough fluorite Crystal piece

Fluorite is a powerful healing stone that helps to clear your energy field and improves your focus.
It helps to clear away blocks and anxiety, enabling you to keep your thoughts stable and create more structure in your life - especially when things can be chaotic around you
Fluorite comes in a range of colours, there’s rainbow fluorite (mixture of green/purple or pink) the ones  here are a mixture of green & purple.
green Fluorite is good for healing and balances the heart chakra- purple is good for focus and connects you to your third eye  .
Fluorite can help to reduce fear of the future and if you are finding it hard to focus or know which direction you want to go, It  can help to remove confusion and mental "fog"  which will help you to put your mental clutter in order, enabling you to focus on what really matters. holding a piece as you write any lists or journals, can help you be more decisive as you move forwards.
It is particularly good to keep a piece of Fluorite on your desk to focus your mind and to reduce the tiring effect of computer screens, and to help protect against electromagnetic stress. It is also great as a study aid, keep it near you to help you to increase your concentration and remember what you are studying. Each piece is unique, you will receive one of the pieces in the photo which will be exactly the right crystal for your needs:)