Flower Of Life Box/grid set - With Chakra Gemstones

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Flower Of Life Box / grid set With Chakra balancing Gemstones and bag 


This set of chakra gemstones includes seven tumbled crystals and a cotton drawstring bag presented in a wooden Flower of Life gift box.

The lid of the box can be used as a mini grid. 

The crystals can be used for balancing and enhancing the energies of the seven chakras.

you can place them on your chakras or form a grid with them to promote general balance and well being.

crystals are a powerful metaphysical tool to promote inner and outer wellbeing.

Tumblestones include clear quartz (crown), amethyst (third eye), lapis lazuli (throat), green aventurine (heart), yellow aventurine  (solar plexus), carnelian (sacral) and hematite (root).

Dimensions approximately 9cm x 9cm x D: 5cm.