Clear quartz point energy generator/key code

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This clear quartz point is an ideal crystal for helping you to find your soul path.
This stunning piece has a  triangular section naturally etched in one side- which when placed over your thymus chakra or third eye it acts as a "key" to help activate information embedded in your golden dna. 
If you place it next to another variety of crystal it will amplify the qualities of that crystal (eg: place next to a rose Quartz will help you attract love..
Clear Quartz is known as the master healer.
It boosts the immune system and brings the chakras into balance. If you hold this point over your chakras it will clear energy blockages from your aura.  
It helps to bring clarity when you feel overwhelmed or confused. meditating with it - or having it nearby when you are sleeping can help you to connect with your intuition.
The point helps to amplify your intentions, so if you write a wish list and place it underneath it can help you attract your wishes.
It is known to protect against negativity and attune you to your higher self. The point formation will helps balance/ open the Crown Chakra.
This piece is approximately 2 " high 

it is on a special offer price.