Auralite 23 crystal

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Auralite 23 is predominantly amethyst with a blend of 23 different minerals and crystals that work in harmony and can help to clear blocks from  your aura just by holding it. It helps you release deeply held negative patterns of anxiety, depression, fear, rejection and resentment etc and enables you to view life with a positive attitude to help you manifest your desires.
The energy of this combination of 23 minerals, helps to balance and re-align your cells, so you can connect with your souls “blueprint” and get your spark back .
Our Auralite comes from Thunder Bay in the Boreal Forest area of Canada. This is known to be one of the only verified sources of Auralite. It is treated at the source in a type of mild acid to prevent the crystal from crumbling. We only have the 2-3cm  ones available at the moment.

each piece is unique and will be intuitively chosen for you, comes in an organza bag