Angel Aura Quartz Cluster

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A stunning sparkly crystal with a rainbow effect.

Angel Aura Quartz :
Please note: the piece you will be sent may not be identical to the one in picture, but will be a similar item.
This stunning crystal has a beautiful vibrational frequency, and an incredible, shimmering sheen. 
Angel Aura Quartz boosts your aura and helps you to raise your vibration and connect with the angelic realms.
It's helpful to hold a piece of Angel Aura quartz when you meditate to calm your mind and connect with your higher self and your guardian Angel or unicorn guides. 
You can hold Angel Aura Quartz when you feel like you need comforting. Placing it in your home brings harmony, love and peace. If you’re having restless nights or vivid dreams it’s good to put Angel aura quartz next to your bed to help you sleep. It is 2" x 2" 

Comes with an organza bag