Amethyst Cluster - AA Grade

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This beautiful amethyst cluster has a very positive healing vibration. 
 Amethysts repels negative energy and attracts positive energy.
It has some particles of calcite growing on it, which  helps to clear old blocks.   
it is on an agate bed, with a couple of agate “flowers “ which can really help you align your energy bodies.

it also has some clear quartz around the edges, which amplifies  the energy of the amethyst and enhances your intuition. 
You can place Amethyst throughout your home or work space to bring relaxation and a calm and blissful energy.  Amethyst energy acts as a form of stress relief, helping to clear your body’s energy field of any blocks and fears, almost acting as an energetic shield that creates a protective bubble of light around your body and your space.
You can also work with It to energise other crystals, place your other crystals onto a Amethyst to re-invigorate them.
It  is well known for having a positive affect if you are having trouble sleeping and is good for physical and mental balance helps you feel less scattered and disorganised and more in control.  By placing an amethyst next to your bed, it can calm the mind for a good night’s sleep.
Amethysts also helps your spiritual growth and aids psychic development. It activates the third eye chakra and connects you with your intuition. It is approximately 5” x 2”