7 Chakra dowser/pendulum

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This 7 chakra gemstone Pendulum/dowser can be used for dowsing, or you can use it to balance the chakras. 
The pendulums measure between 30mm and 45mm in length and also feature a 6 inch (150mm) silver coloured chain with a matching bead secured to the end.
 Due to the unique nature of this product,  no two items have identical markings. For this reason the item received may vary slightly from the photograph.
It is comprised of 7 Chakra healing stones bonded into a single piece, one stone for each of the chakras.

Base chakra ~ Red Jasper
Will help you feel emotionally balanced and grounded. It will boost your confidence and can help you to be more motivated and assertive and overcome anxiety.

Sacral chakra ~ Peach aventurine ~
Will help to balance your emotions and help to bring more joy and fun into your life. It heals old pain memories and improves willpower.
Solar plexus chakra ~ Golden Quartz ~
Helps you build your self respect and step into your personal power. It enhances your self confidence & intuition.

Heart chakra ~ Green aventurine ~
Will help you attract love and improve communication in relationships. It can help to heal you physically and emotionally and bring peace and balance

Throat chakra ~
Blue Howlite ~ will calm your mind and help you focus. It encourages you to communicate your truth.

Third eye chakra ~
Lapis lazuli ~
will strengthen your psychic intuition, focus and memory. It's an excellent crystal to use if you are studying. 

Crown chakra ~
Amethyst ~ It strengthens your psychic intuition and heightens your spiritual awareness. It can calm your mind and help you to sleep. It also brings protection.

comes in an organza bag